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SEO Telemarketing Lead Generation B2b

SEO Telemarketing Lead GenerationHave you tried business to business telemarketing to generate qualified leads for your SEO company?  If not now may be the time!  Almost everyone agrees that internet marketing is usually the most effective and affordable way to drum up new business but the keyword here is “USUALLY”, that is if you are not a search engine optimization company.  The last thing you want to do is try to spend all your time and effort getting your own site ranked amongst the competition.  That being said, in this case the telephone becomes a more powerful tool.

Benefits of SEO Telemarketing vs Internet Generated Leads

The first and most obvious benefit is the one mentioned above, you don’t have to waste valuable time and resources ranking your own site.

Another benefit is EXCLUSIVITY.  Instead of getting leads from someone that was shopping around online and filled out 5 different quote request we can generate leads via telemarketing that will be super exclusive and not shared with 5 other SEO companies.  Furthermore, we guarantee that your leads will never be resold.

Lastly, with telemarketing you can control the lead flow with ease.  We can scale your campaign from one lead per day or even 100+ leads per day just by increasing the number of telemarketing agents assigned to your account!

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